Withdrawal Pains

I think I am going through withdrawal!!  I haven’t started a new project in almost 3 weeks!!!  That has to be an all-time record for me.  I am trying desperately to empty my basket of  works in progress.   With all the wonderful yarns that have been arriving and that are screaming at me to work with them…..this is not an easy task.   My problem is that when I get halfway done with a project, the challenge is gone.   I know what the item is going to look like, how the yarn works up, etc…..so it is time to move on to something new.  This wouldn’t be a problem if the “fiber fairies” would finish the on-going projects for me.  After all, if one sock is done and I cast on for the second sock…it should know it’s going to be a sock and knit itself.  You get the idea, right?


I should probably thank Bailey for my success in getting the on-going projects finished up and not starting anything new yet.  Every time she leaves me alone, all by myself  to run the shoppe, I end up starting at least 2 new projects—usually more.  She tends to keep me grounded and on track, which, believe me, is not an easy job!!!


Currently I have new yarn from www.ontheround.com   that is demanding my attention.  I’m trying but I honestly don’t think I will make it through the weekend without getting it on my needles.  Oh, well………


  • Now I know where I got it from and Why!!! 😂 I’m doing the same thing! Finish one WIP, start another! Working on finishing a Noro shawl cuz I need the needles for a new project!!

    Paula Olszewski
  • But your works in Progress inspire us all Doreen!! You are the kid in the candy store. Of course you want to cast on. And this Weather !! ugh. If a new project brings you joy, I say grab it and go!


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