American Ewe

All of the wool in the American Ewe Yarns is sourced from the Shaniko Wool Company, a farm group of nine ranches in the American West.  These ranches cover thousands of acres in Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada and California, raising primarily Merino and Rambouillet sheep.  All of the ranches under the Shaniko Wool Co. are audited by a third party to ensure that sheep receive a high standard of care, the land is managed well and the workers receive fair wages. The Shaniko Wool Co. was founded and is headed by Jeanne Carver.  We'd like to thank her for the use of the photos on this website, all of which were provided by Jeanne.
The Shaniko Wool Co. buys and collects the wool from member ranches, tests the wool, and sends it for processing in South Carolina. Milling takes place in North Carolina.
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