What's in your basket?

How many projects do you currently have in your basket?  I find that I need to have several different types of projects going?  Here my justification….however much it does or does not make sense!

1—I need to have a “no-brainer” project--- one that I can mindlessly work on while visiting with friends or watching something on TV.

2---A portable project is a must to take when waiting to see the doctor, waiting for kids…or just in case I am detained somewhere.   I learned a long time ago, that waiting isn’t half as bad if I have something to keep me occupied while waiting.

3---A challenging project is a must.  I always try to advance my skills by trying something new.  There is always so much to learn.

So, in an ideal world, 3 projects would be my max.  The only problem is when the no-brainer project gets to the point where it now requires some concentration and, therefore, a new “no-brainer” project must be started.  Then, there is the portable project that now becomes too large to be portable anymore!  And….the challenging project needs to be put into a “time-out” while I figure out just what the directions are actually wanting me to do!!    Gee…..now I’m up to 6! 

So….6 isn’t too bad, is it?  But, then how do I justify the other 15 that are also in my “work in progress” baskets….and yes, I did say baskets J  As a shoppe owner, I’ll just use the excuse that a new yarn came in and I just had to try it out for my customers to see what it worked up like.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

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  • I just went through my stach. I put all yarn and kits on an excel page. I have 87 projects kitted, about 21 on needles.

    Peg Langenberg

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