Welcome Back!

Welcome back to those of you who put your needles and hooks away for the summer!  The hot, humid temperatures are gone and the cooler weather is upon us.  I could keep this for a long, long time.  The majority of our Fall yarns have now arrived and Bailey and I are fiercely trying to get samples made out of all of them.  

As usually happens this time of year, my project basket is overflowing and my list of "to dos" is rapidly growing.  Requests from the grandchildren for new winter hats and scarves top the list....and hand knit socks coming in close behind.  I shall never lack of something to be working on!!  My problem is I love starting the projects but then want to move onto the next before the current one is done.  I've been trying to keep my projects more in line this year.  I even started a list last January of projects that were carried over from 2017!  I have been marking those off as they were done as well as keeping track of every project I start and then mark when finished throughout the year.  It will be fun to count up exactly how many things I have made this year...…..that will come later :)

We have numerous ideas/patterns that would make perfect holiday gifts.  Stop in and see us and let us help get you started.....better now than waiting until the last minute.  

Also.....a reminder that our Annual Sister Shop Hop is this Thursday through Sunday (Sept 27 - Sept 30).  You can learn more about this by visiting our website and/or facebook page.  We will have unadvertised specials throughout the shoppe.  You will not want to miss out on the fun.  

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