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I can't believe the number of people who have come in since my last blog telling me that I inspired them to make a list of their own "on-going" projects and to finish some of them!!!   That's the thing about making a list....you get to cross things off of it when you finish them and thus get a real feeling of accomplishment.  When I make a list of things I "have" to do, I include even the smallest things.....more to cross off, and a larger feeling of accomplishment!

That being said, so far this year I have not totally finished any project.  But, I have loads in the works so one day I will have a fantastic day where I finish several!!  I am actually working on some items for display in the shoppe that are already earmarked to be potential Christmas presents next year.  I know.....how impressive is that??  I usually start out with plenty of ambition the first of the year and then all of a sudden it's November and I wonder "where did the time go"?  I am definitely going to try to do better this year!  I will have to at least as far as those 2 "long time" carried over projects....too many of you have mentioned them to me.  And, yes, I will post a picture of them.  I just have to uncover them first!

If you are searching for some inspiration, stop in and see Bailey and/or myself.  A new project is sure to help make the drab weather days we are having lately a little more bearable.  And, by the way, if you happen to see the sun.....would you send some this way???





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