Greetings everyone!!

First off, I apologize for it being so long between blogs.  My "non-knitting" life has been in such an uproar since last fall that it has been difficult to do any planning for shop activities.  

Last April, I had my right knee replaced.  I was scheduled to have the left knee replaced in November, but 2 days before that was to take place, I got a phone call from the hospital informing me that my surgeon had "resigned" and I would have to find another Surgeon.  Needless to say, the hunt began.  I ended up re-scheduling the surgery to take place in February in Madison (no orthopedic surgeons at hospital in Janesville for the time being).  However, that surgery also had to be cancelled due to my testing positive for Covid about 10 days before the scheduled date.  I am now scheduled once again to have the surgery on April 24th.  FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

My husband has also had to spend 3 separate weeks in the hospital with some complications from his previous heart surgeries, which had me away from the Shoppe and tending to him.  All is well now and hopefully we can put that behind us. 

That being said, we are still "in limbo" with offering any Classes.  We miss having them as much as you do, but because of the recovery time necessary after my upcoming surgery, we have to keep my calendar open.  If I had known all these prior cancellations were going to take place, I would have scheduled some, but who could have predicted things would happen this way?  Hopefully we will be able to start up again in June!

Bailey and I have been working on the plans for the Shoppe's 30th Anniversary!! We plan on celebrating all month long with specials throughout the shop, fun activities and door prizes galore!!

We have been getting in new spring yarns the last few weeks, and there are more yarns that have been added to clearance, either due to them being discontinued or that we just have to make room for the 'new'. We also brought in some adorable new stitch stoppers! Remember, everything we carry is also available for purchase on our website, even the Buttons! Bailey spent a few weeks back in January getting them all cataloged, photographed, and added online! 


  • Wishing you good health. You need to take care of yourself. Looking forward to your anniversary!! 30 years that is amazing. See you soon

    Marcia Miller
  • Sorry to hear of all your health issues. Hopefully they will all be behind you & hope that your knee surgery goes well! 🙏🏻😊

    Bonnie Pelz
  • Sorry to hear about your surgery and upcoming surgery. Praying for your return to good health.

    Marilyn Speh
  • So sorry to hear about stressful troubles! Praying for good health and a successful surgery. 🙏❤

    Peggy Nelson

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