Sale, Sale, Sale!!!

I just realized how long it has been since I last did a blog. So sorry!  I've had my knee replaced and, after some ups and downs with recovery, I am doing pretty good.  I still have some stiffness but am told that it could be up to a year for all that to heal.  But, stiffness I can deal with!!!

I recently finished test knitting Ambah  O'Brien's newest cardigan design, the "Boronia Cardigan".  We have both the pattern as well as the yarn I used in the shop.  This is a lovely knit made from worsted yarn.  I chose the Araucana Huasco Aran Kettle Dyed yarn for mine.  Pattern is well written and actually a quick knit!  

We have been doing a lot of "housecleaning" in the shoppe this summer.  It seems all the yarn companies we carry have been doing the same, since there are an awful lot of yarns  that have been discontinued.  Part of it is the companies are looking for mills that have better quality control and switching over to them....which is a very good thing!!  In the process, however, some yarn lines have been totally discontinued---at least for now---so we are clearing them out also.

Consequently, we have quite a selection of yarns in our clearance and sale area.  Now is the perfect time to stock up for your holiday and winter knitting.  We have some fantastic bargains to pass on to you.  

We are also currently working on class scheduling.  Hopefully we will be able to start up again after Labor Day!!  As soon as we have the schedule available, it will be posted on our website as well as the facebook page. 

If you should need some inspiration in your knitting life, we have been working on numerous projects that are sure to help you get your "knitting mojo" back into full gear!!

Try to stay cool, take care, and we hope to see you soon!!!  Doreen

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