Ready, Set, Go!!

Needles 'n Pins will be closed from Saturday,July 28th through Sunday, August 5th.  I am planning a small get why am I  packing enough projects to keep me busy for at least a month??  So far I have two shawls, a pair of socks, and two scarves in my project a table runner that needs to be hand appliqued!  (yes, I also have that vice.)  It's just that I don't know what I'll be in the mood to work on...something challenging?  something mindless?  And, then, what if I were to actually finish one of the projects.  I need to have others to move on to.  Or, if I run into an issue and can't continue on on a certain project for some reason.  There are numerous scenarios that just would not end well.  

I have yet to even think about what I will take to wear, eat, or anything else and my projects.  We're set to go!!

New Fall yarns will become coming in the beginning of August.  There are some really, really exciting new yarns, new colors, new designs, and gadgets on order.  We will be adding them to our website as well as our facebook page as they arrive.  So, if you haven't liked us on facebook sure to do that so you are among the first to know!!




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