Must Knit Faster!!!!

I don't know where the time doesn't seem like it has been over a month since I last blogged!!!  I apologize for that...I will TRY to do better in the future.

My knitting/crocheting has definitely been in hat mode lately.  One daughter-in-law requested a "racoon" winter cap for my youngest grandchild.  Couldn't make him one and not one for the older she requested a penquin.  And, because I try to be a good grandma...I couldn't make hats for the two of them and not for the other 5 so I have no have 5 more hats and 3 scarves to make!!  The bad part is they can't even be used as Christmas gifts because the kids will definitely need them before Christmas.  And, then 3 of the kids have birthdays before Christmas....who has time to even think about Christmas knitting!!!  

I added in the other projects that I have going or have committed to do and my total is presently at 16!  This is crazy.  I am slowly crossing them off; but Bailey is off work for the weekend and that usually means l lose control and start projects.  She does tend to keep me "on task" a little better than I do myself somedays.

With it getting darker earlier (and even much earlier after next weekend), it really makes me just want to don the pj's, cuddle up in a handmade afghan and work on a project...oh, and don't forget the Hallmark Movies.  I just received the list of all the new ones for this season and when they'll be playing.  Perhaps this will help with my knitting backlog?  It had better....I have way too many projects I want to make!  



  • Doreen,
    SO glad you said you just want to get in to your pj s and knit. I m feeling much more normal now. I have 6 or so hats to bring in for donation. I think I have two more in me before I head over to donate them. I need anew project too. :) No doubt you will help me find one!

  • And, oh the beautiful projects in the works, and the ones accomplished!!

  • Just the piles which numbers five.

  • Know exactly what you mean, however, Im not going to count my projects, just the


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