The updated Lacy Knit Poncho is completed and hanging in the shop!  The pattern is available either through our website or on  The yarn I used was “Linie 426: Cotton Smooth” from On Line and is also available on our website or in the store.

Finishing projects is so much fun……almost as fun as starting them.  I also changed my mind on what to make with the new yarn from Ontheround….the yarn was not “happy” being a brioche scarf.  So, it is going to be a long cardigan….the design is from  and is called the “Perry Cardigan”. 

It is so nice when  yarn talks to you and lets you know if it is happy in what you are planning on making….or not!   Sometimes you have to let the yarn and pattern “live together” for a little while to determine if they are going to be happy together.  Other times, you really cannot even tell until you get started working on the project.  BUT…..if you are hesitant and aren’t quite sure if you’re going to like the finished project or not….you really need to set the piece aside for a day or so and then go look at it again.  If at that point, you are still questioning things----it’s time to rip out and start over!

Same thing is true if you notice a mistake that you made earlier on in a project.  It is up to you to decide what you can “live with” or “not live with”.  However, if you are questioning it at all… it out!!!  You won’t be happy in the end!  There…those are my words of wisdom for the day!





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  • Well said in your words of wisdom. Knitting is so,much more enjoyable when following your words of wisdom! 😇


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