It's Blog time....with BAILEY! :-)

Hello Everyone! It's Bailey!

Doreen had joked earlier how she needed to do another blog, but when would she have the chance and that I should do one for I am! :-) She is currently meeting with one of our Yarn Reps, purchasing fantastic things for the New Year, which to us is like Christmas, but also can be so hard making up our minds on what colors and how much to get because we just want it all!

Things are hopping here at the Shoppe! We are preparing to be open for the busiest shopping weekend of the year! We are offering 15% Off Storewide Friday through Sunday (in store only), so stop out and visit us! We have some great gift ideas and quick knit projects to inspire you with.

Doreen has been a crafting MACHINE lately, what with knitting/crocheting all SEVEN Grandkids hats/scarves, cranking out an order of 4 Christmas Stockings for a customer, working on Shoppe displays, and sewing to her hearts delight! You can see now why finding a small window to squeeze a blog into is kind of tough! I only WISH I had her stamina and persistence. You would think after 10 years of working with her, she would rub off on me ;-) 

Speaking of...this past September marked me being here at Needles 'n Pins for 10 years! I can't believe it has been that long. It's been quite the journey and I have loved every second of it! I value being here more than I could possibly explain and love all of our customers I have met over the years...Thanks to Doreen, my knowledge of all things Knitting/Crocheting has expanded greatly and it's true when I say I LOVE MY JOB!! Doreen is not only an exceptional person to work for but I also consider her my dearest/closest friend...My 'Shoppe' Mom :-) She has helped me through some tough personal experiences outside of work and has given me such valuable advice. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate her being in my life! (I'm sure she will hate me for this...but that's what you get for putting the blog into my hands muwha ha ha ;-) ) And no, I'm NOT I read over this it kind of sounded like I was writing my farewell letter....sorry for the scare LOL!

We participated in Skacel's "10,000 New Knitters Day" on November 10th. We had 5 people who stopped in for a free kit and lesson. I'm happy to say that ALL 5 caught on and were knitting/purling like champs! Such a proud moment for us to inspire others to jump on the Knitting wagon :-)

Also, if you visit us or click over to our Facebook page, we have posted a few times about the Hat/Mitten drive we are holding, with an incentive! If you bring in Knit or Crochet hats and/or mittens for children or adults using washable yarn, you get an entry (for each item!) for a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate to the Shoppe! The more you donate the more chances you have! All articles will be donated to the local food pantries and head start programs. Entries must be received BEFORE November 30th, 2018! We do this every year and have such a fantastic turn out! It's a great way to use up some of those questionable leftovers in the closet :-)

We hope everyone has a fantastic Holiday week/weekend with your families!

Until next time, 



  • Bailey, you’re not the only one who is lucky! Doreen is lucky to have YOU too. See you soon.

    Ingrid Stroh
  • Very well done, Bailey. You are a great asset to the best yarn shoppe in the US.

  • Great Blog Bailey

  • Can u get 15% off on line orders Friday – Sunday thanks your baby patteren are my favorite so easy to read always come out great cupcake hat being the most requested


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