I wanna go home!!!

Today is the start of week #4 in Rochester, MN and no mention of discharge yet!!  The doctors did do the procedure to put in the stent which will at least mean we won't have to come back for that.  It was a success and will not delay his recovery/rehab time at all.  So everything that needed fixing has been done and Gordon just needs to concentrate on healing now.  The doctors here are totally amazing and I will be ever thankful to Gordon's doctors/nurse in Madison for referring us out to Mayo.  

I am nearing the completing of project # 8 of the 12 I have with me....I brought 10 with me and then had Bailey send 2 more.  One project was scratched and the other 3 are larger ones that will take longer.  Problem is they are also the ones that require more concentration and brain power (which has been on short supply for some reason).

I miss being in my "happy place".  Many of the new fall yarn are starting to arrive and my fingers are itching to start working/playing with them.  I'm sure that when I return Bailey is going to have to give me a personal tour of the shoppe to show me everything that is new.  

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and continued support through this difficult time.  Being away from family and friends and my total support system has been so hard.  I am looking extremely forward to sitting on my front deck and just watching the cars go by....and have this "excursion" behind us!!!







  • So glad to hear the news about Gordon! Say Hi from me and the Mermaids!!! Get well soon!!!💕

    Bailey is Really good at showing what new yarns have come in!!! 😁😁. So ready to see you and do a “show and tell!”

    Paula O
  • Oh, Doreen! I’m sure you miss being home and fondling the new yarns!!! We miss you, too! It’s now coming to an end. The worst is over. Have a little more patience. Soon…soon!

  • I’ve been praying for both of you ! Thank you for the update. Sounds like positive progress. It’s hard to be patient . See you soon 😍

  • I’m glad he’s doing well. You will be home soon with a healthy husband.

    Jan Clark
  • Glad to hear things are going better.


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