Done with one....onto another!!!

Christmas stockings are count was 22!!!  I think it will be sometime before I feel the urge to knit a Christmas stocking again.  And, it feels so good to look at yarn in other colors than red, green and white!!!!  

I just finished test knitting a new shawl for Ambah O'Brien.  It is due to be released mid-April.  If you are a shawl knitter, you are really going to want to be sure and check it's called the "Vestiges" shawl.  The pattern contains directions for using both fingering or DK weight yarns.  I chose to do the DK version so it was a really quick/easy knit!!

In other news, it appears that I will be having a total knee replacement on my right knee on April 13th.  It has been bothering me for quite sometime and I finally was referred to an Orthopedic doctor.  He immediately had me get x-rays which led to an MRI which is leading to surgery.  When the doctor walks into the examining room and just refers to your MRI as "it's just not good" know you are in big trouble!!

So, now I am in the process of finishing up several of those projects that have been accumulating in my basket.  Unfortunately, I am one of those people who needs to have all their "ducks in a row" before something "different" is happening in their life.  Heck, I even have to have on-going projects done before I go on a vacation so I can start new ones while I'm away.  I am down to just 2 projects in my basket at this time!!  Of course, I am constantly thinking of easy, no brainer, smaller projects that I can do while I am re-cooperating even though I have no idea what "re-cooperating" is going to be like.  But, then, one has to be prepared, right??  

The shoppe will be open as usual....Bailey will be holding down the fort so to speak!  While it will be extremely difficult for me not to be in the shoppe all the time, I know I am leaving it in good hands and everything is just fine.  I'm just hoping it won't be too long before I can come out and at least sit at the table!!!  

Take care and I hope to see everyone really soon!  


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  • Hi Doreen! Congrats on getting the stockings done!! Will be thinking about you and hoping for a successful procedure and cute new knee, as well as a speedy recovery! All the best, Pat

    Pat Clarke

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