April 9, 2018---HERE WE GO!!!

My customers have been asking me for quite a long time why I don’t do a blog.   Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure that anyone would really be interested in what I have to say :)  Plus, exactly what would I write about?  Did I really have anything THAT interesting to say?  Would people actually “follow” me?  Well, I guess we will see because…..here goes!! 

Ah, but where do I start?  Knitting has been a part of my life for…..well, forever.  I taught myself when I was 9 because I wanted to learn and no one could teach a “leftie”.  I then taught myself to crochet when I was 18!  Little did I know what an important part of my life they would one day be. 

I cannot imagine not being able to do either.  They have become my refuge, my friend…my happy place to go.  Knitting and Crocheting comfort me and sooth my soul.  They keep me grounded and at peace with the world.  You know the American Express Card ad saying  “don’t leave home without it”….well, I never leave home without taking some project along with me.  You just don’t know when you may have to wait some place for something (or someone) and, at least for me, waiting isn’t half so bad if I have something to do with my hands!!  Many a project has been completed while waiting for kids at sport practices/games, doctor offices, hospital rooms…..you get the drift! 

My yarn is the first thing that gets packed when going on a trip.  Clothes and other items aren’t packed until usually the night before, but I begin planning on the projects to take as soon as a trip is in the works.  And, of course, one can’t just take 1-2 projects; 10-12 perhaps….after all, one doesn’t want to run out of things to work on.  Realistically, I do know that there is no way possible that I will ever get finished with all the projects I take with me, but it is much better to have too many than not enough!  Plus, who knows what I will feel like working on at any given time?

My plan in writing a blog is to let you know what is going on in my little corner of the world…. from what I am working on, any new and exciting things in the shoppe as well as my life…..who knows where this will lead? :)



  • I think Blogs have truly hit a bubble. We are all so busy. I think if it excites you and inspires your clientele Just Do It cause it’s a nice way to connect with your local true blues. If you feel pulled and you have stock, orders, knitting to do then I would ditch the blog and just do Facebook-Bragbook. It is fast, pictures can be lurring in a good way! I am thousands of miles from you. I have never ever heard of your lovely store bada bing you pop up I liked the name a little old fashioned. A sweet memory of me stepping on pins while being pinned for Liberty of London fabric. frocks when I was a little girl by my grandmother. Now I shall put you on my check list. My first thought was oh no is this a sign! For two years I have heard Wisconsin, Wisconsin! They have one of the best Geography programs in the U.S. The snow give me shivers I literally, do not wear socks! I only own sleeping socks that I kick off. Stranger things have happened. I love KOIGU I will never have enough. Luckily my habit was fed by working in a store where I was the buyer. It was my first big, big order GO BIG OR GET FIRED! It was a major hit. No one was carrying it at the time. The customers could not get enough of it. I taught classes in KOIGU and people were so in love with the color transitions. Long story I know, love your customers, listen to them, but most of all have peace of mind when you have had a long hard day! Who ever said working in a yarn store must be so much fun! Was right but it has to be tickled, fluffed and puffed up to stay fresh. I brought my nursing skills to work and talked the talk about washing your hands before starting your project. It was a way to get them into our t-tiny bathroom. Our yarn stayed clean and I stocked the bathroom with girly soaps, lotions, and other accoutrements. I am so glad I found you today! Thank you for letting me vent big time. Big endeavors for you in your shoppe. p.s. I also called every customer when KOIGU arrived. We had to direct traffic. Good Times. I also would but of ribbons of colors that a certain someone in a brown outfit in shorts with a gorge smile had come bearing gifts. Santa wore brown and drove a big brown truck. He is someone I miss! I bought him lunch every christmas Monday-Friday I knew every restaurant he ate at. It was a small burb with a lake in the middle. It was surrounded by Nike, Techtronix, Adidas, Under Armour, and Intel just a few heavy hitters. My favorite was private lessons at the Nike campus for some ladies. One day a man opened the sliding door “So, this is where you gals hide.” He was an important Nike executive and he looked at our work and of course said “My Grandma did this.” You could tell he was touched. That is what knitting stores do they touch you, heal you, make you question your math skills, and a myriad of other feelings. Today your store so far way did just that for me! JLL

  • I am interested in making some chemo hats and I haven’t decided what fiber content is the best to use. What do u recommend?

  • Doreen, I will be listening to what you have to say. Glad you will be blogging!

    Ro Battaglini
  • Hints and tips are also welcome. I look forward to reading my friend’s blog. I have found it very calming, and I get to play with all sorts of colors and textures.

  • You put to words what I’ve been thinking, doing, packing and carrying around, have to finish something. Thanks for your insight. 😊

    Marilyn S

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