March 2018 Newsletter


I’m not sure what I like better......snow or rain? At least the snow doesn’t flood the roads and basements! We have been lucky so far but I know a lot of people have not :( Plus, the snow is a lot prettier to look at than the muddy, dirty water flowing through the lawns and across roads. Then of course, we have the temperature going up, going down, and then going up again. It’s no wonder so many people are sick!! I don’t even think I remember what Bailey looks like....between her daughter being sick, then Bailey, and then her seems like she hasn’t been here at the shop in like FOREVER!!! I believe they are all finally on the mend and she will be back soon.

This spring will be an extremely busy and special time for Needles ‘n Pins! May 1st will mark my 25th Anniversary of being in business. It hardly seems possible that it’s been that long since I opened in the front half of our garage and we now have been at this location for over 18 years!! Not bad considering the Small Business Administration Office at UW-Whitewater told me that a yarn shop out in the country would NEVER work and I’d be better off doing a mail order catalog!

Bailey and I are in the process of planning many special events for the Month of May!!! It is because of our wonderful customers that we are able to celebrate being in business for 25 years. We certainly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you.....So please, come join us as we celebrate!!! There is more information in the back of the newsletter regarding our plans for celebration!

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  • Great job, you two. It truly is the best yarn store to be found. All the product you will ever need can be found at the store, plus advice from two very knowledgeable people. Many more years of success! Love you both. Barbara “O”


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