It's difficult to believe that it is September.  Today is the last day of our county fair...Walworth County Fair.  For those of you not familiar with this area, Walworth County, Wisconsin has the largest county fair in the entire state of Wisconsin!  I've been told it is the largest "entertainment" option in the state of Wisconsin over Labor Day weekend.  And while this year has been an extremely wet and muddy fair, that doesn't hault anything!!  

I attended my first grandstand show in probably over 30 years this year!!  Sesame Street Live had a show on Saturday afternoon.  As soon as my husband heard about it he bought 15 tickets!!!  The entire family gathered for the show...Grandpa/Papa, Grandma Lou, 3 sons (Michael, Phillip & Cody) 3 daughter-in-laws (Nicki, Katie & Melissa) and 7 Grandchildren (Addie, Abbigail, Nora, Mabel, Maggie, Jake and Huck)!  The little girls were literally dancing in the aisle :)  And us "older" members were thrilled to share their excitment in seeing Elmo, Grover and more of the gang in "real life".  

Husband Gordon was also honored at this years fair as one of the two Honorary Fair Marshals!  It was quite an emotional opening day,  On August 29, 2017 he was taken from the fair by ambulance....ending up at St. Mary's in Madison with a dissected aorta (95% of the people never survive this). And, on August 29, 2018 he was standing on the stage cutting the ribbon to announce the start of this years fair!!!  

Today is the last day of the fair...and it always seems it also marks the last day of summer.  Schools will all be back in session tomorrow and it is a fast transition into Fall.  As I look out the window today I notice a few of the leaves on the trees are starting to sport their beautiful red colors.  This is truly my favorite time of year....I just wish it would last longer!!  

Fall Classes will be starting up in the shoppe in the upcoming why not make some time for yourself and join us?  We have tons of new yarns arriving and many new exciting classes!!  


  • Great family photo and wonderful memories for years to come. So happy to see you all together enjoying the fair. Congrats to Gordon for his recognition and good health at this years fair.

    Lee Henning
  • Doreen, what a treat to see you all healthy and happy!! Thanks for the photo. I’ll be in soon


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