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First off, I would like to thank everyone who came to see us during our month-long 25th Anniversary Celebration in May.  The weather was not the best in cooperating with allowing us to put merchandise outside…..but we managed!  We are thankful that we have been able to serve your knitting/crocheting needs over the past 25 years (although it sure doesn’t see like it’s been that long)…hard to believe that when I first opened Needles ‘n Pins my sons were 8, 10 & 12.  Where did all that time go???

This coming Wednesday, June 4, we will begin a new KAL.  We will be making one of Ambah O’Brien’s beautiful designs---the Xandra Wrap.  We will be meeting from 9:30-noon each Wednesday.  You can go to www.ravelry.com to check out details about the wrap and decide if you would like to tackle this project together!!  There is no cost for joining us…and you can purchase both the pattern and required yarns at our first meeting.

I’m still working on my Perry Cardigan.  The fronts/back are joined and I’m working on the button band.  I am also doing the sleeves at the same time and they are half way done.  Now…if I would stop starting new projects, I’d get this one done quicker…but, what would be the fun in that??  I haven’t done a count lately to see what I am back up to as far as ongoing projects….quite honestly, I’m afraid to. 

Next Saturday, June 9, is “knit in public” day.  This makes me wonder how many people take their knitting/crocheting with them when they leave the house.  I ALWAYS take a smaller project with me.  If I don’t have a project with me….that is when they wonder what’s wrong!!   How about you? 



  • Congrats on 25! How cool! I love your shop! I always take a knitting or crocheting project with me, no matter where I’m at!

    Bonnie Pelz
  • Just sat on a blanket at the Geneva Lake shore and knitting my log cabin . Lovely setting. I knit everywhere!!! Hope to see you soon . Wednesdays are so fun at the join in group!

    kathy b

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