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Last Wednesday I was fortunate to get to go to Galena, IL with a group of fellow knitters……The Knitting Mermaids…from the Kenosha area.  Even though it was just for one night, it was fun to play hooky for a little while.  We did some knitting, some shopping, some eating and some more knitting!!!    I even bought my first hat ever!!  I have never considered myself a “hat person” but we were having so much fun in the hat store that I couldn’t resist.  Those ladies had better not just been being nice when they told me how “cute” it looked.


I did manage to get quite a bit of knitting done as I didn’t have to drive, or make any decisions about anything!  It was wonderful not having to be responsible for anything at all. 


My “Perry Cardigan” is coming along quite nicely.  It’s a real change to be working on larger needles as compared to the sizes I’ve been on for all those shawls lately!  The back is done and I’m now working on the fronts.  I absolutely love how the yarn is knitting up.  Once I get the bottom  lace section completed on both fronts, I will begin working on them at the same time.  This will assure that all my decreases for the  v-neck shaping are done at exactly the same point.  Plus, this way when one front is complete….they both are complete.   Sort of like the “second sock syndrome”. 


We are still celebrating our 25th Shoppe Anniversary through the end of May.  Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t cooperated with our wanting to put items outside…or even have a knitting afternoon outside.  But….hopefully this week the sun will decide to make an appearance.   Until then, we have baskets throughout the shop with our special sale items in them.  Stop in if you can….and be sure to sign up for our door prizes!


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  • Loved having you with us in Galena!! And you DO look Adorable in your new hat!! Say NO to skin cancer!!

    Paula O.

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