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 I have come to the conclusion that the best benefit of getting old is Grandchildren.  I have been having one of those days….or rather weeks….where everything seems to be going wrong.  Each task I set out to do takes longer than it should, the computer has not been cooperating, it’s been cloudy and/or raining, and I can’t seem to focus on anything.  I’m sure you have had those moments too……I sincerely hope that it isn’t just me.   And, the weeds are taking over my flowerbeds!!


Well, this morning my Son, Michael, came out to work on my “uncooperative computer” and to help his Dad trim some trees on the property.  He brought along two of his kids, Mabel—3  1/2  & Huck—1 1/2.  Huck came into the shoppe, took one look at me and came dashing across the room with his arms up in the air for me to pick him up!!  It brought such joy to my heart, I almost cried.  Then, I got a video “featuring” Jake, the 2 year old.  He was helping his mother bake and was so excited and full of energy.  Then I got a video of Maggie—2 “and a bit”---taking her bug spray for a ride on her trike.  She won’t go any place without her bug spray!!  Instead of putting water in her cup holder, she uses it for the bug spray.  I wish I could get into their heads and discover just what they are thinking.  I feel so blessed to have 7 wonderful  little ones in my life and hope that they will cherish their time spent at “Grandma Lou and Papa’s house” as much as we cherish having them here!


Finished the Perry Cardigan and it’s up and hanging in the shoppe until  cool weather comes again.  Several projects are in the works  and the new yarn arriving is once again talking to me!!  I’m not sure how much longer Bailey is going to be able to hold me back from starting yet another new project.  But, she really doesn’t have a right to complain…she has 3 “shop projects” in the work…..say nothing of the ones she has going at home.  At this point in time, that’s more than me!!


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  • So nice to hear about your grandchildren, what joy they bring to your life! 👶😇


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