Dang---It's been way to long!!!

After much encouragement...and pushing (and "nagging" from my Wednesday knitters/crocheters if I'm being honest), I have decided to once again attempt to write a blog.  I realize that it's been way too long....but I guess I have a hard time grasping the thought that people actually want to hear from me and what I am up to.  I am definitely not a "professional" writer by any stroke of imagination, but I am willing to give this another whirl.  If you are taking the time to read this, please also take a few moments to comment and let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to see me mention in my blog.....after all, I am doing this for you ;-)

At the present time I am working on finishing personalized Christmas stockings which a customer/friend of mine had started for all of her nieces/nephews before she passed away.  Her husband contacted me asking if I would consider finishing them so he could gift them in her memory.  There was no way I could turn down this request.....even if there happen to be 23+ stockings needed.  He delivered 3 huge totes of yarn and stockings in various "stages of completion" and my work has begun.  I figured if I started in January and paced myself, I would have them all completed for the Holidays this year.  Wish me luck!!

I am also pleased to announce that I did my yearly count of "carryover" projects from one year to the next.  I have started 2022 with just 5 unfinished projects!  The year that I first decided to do a count I had 35 so 5 I can handle!!!  I find making this list each year just helps me stay on track and finish some of those "long term" projects.  Does anyone else keep such a list?  I've also decided to go back to keeping a list of projects as I finish them in 2022.  This way I can also look back at just how many things I have accomplished.....even if a carryover project from 2021 is still not done at the end of this year.  Yes, Bailey, I am predicting that I will still not have the Ruana done....She has been on me about completing this project for oh, I don't know how many years now! :-) 

We have been getting many new yarns in over the past couple of weeks, which also means that we have been doing some re-arranging to make space and moving more items into the clearance area.  Some fantastic deals can be found there!!  You may want to check it out.....and, if you aren't able to make it into the shoppe, you can just click on the "clearance yarn" icon on the website and it will lead you to all of them.  

Take care, and hopefully I will be able to keep this up this time around.




  • Nice to hear that you took on the Christmas stocking project! How kind of you!

    Joanne Himebauch
  • Thanks for the blog update. The list of finish projects is a good idea, I should do it, we’ll see if I actually do! Just finished my Birkin, a bucket list project.

    Catherine Terpstra
  • Good luck on the Christmas stockings! Good idea to make a list.

    Sandy Johnson
  • We’ll just have to keep encouraging you about the ruana. :D As for the blog -keep us up to date on WIPs…new yummy yarns (no dammits)…um…update on the critters that find their way to your farm…projects for grandkids…new patterns you like…all kinds of stuff! :D

    Kris McDaniel
  • You did a lovely job!!!!! I will start my list now!!!! Thank you 😊

    Christine Murphy

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